Where should I sell my Diamonds?

Where should I sell my Diamonds? Like with jewelry, I believe you just have two options. Either you sell in the retail market or you sell in the wholesale market. You can try listing it in newspapers, and classifieds ads to try and reach the general public. You may also want to try to approach privates like friends and family. The advantage of these options is that you may get paid more because its a kind of retail sale. If that doesn’t work then, Where should I sell my Diamonds? If retail doesn’t work, you try wholesale. To know where to sell your jewelry, you may first want to do some research about Gemologists and Diamond buyers in the business and in your area that are experienced Diamond buyers and are interested in buying because they already have a market for your Diamonds. There are advantages to selling within the Jewelry industry. As an example, in our case we are a private, personal and confidential business and we pay on the spot. So, Where should I sell my Diamonds? Talk with a Graduate Gemologist, Get some expert advice and maybe even an appraisal. I say maybe because there are costs involved that you may not recover. Make sure you disclose to him or her that you intend in selling or liquidating, not insurance or retail market value, these tend to be higher and you will be disappointed in the end. To schedule a no cost no obligation consultation contact us , You just send us an email and we will respond asap. Just make sure you typed your email address correctly.