Company Grows 10 Carat Synthetic Diamond

ndt-diamondCompany Grows 10 Carat Synthetic Diamond

is still not clear if the market for lab-grown diamonds is getting bigger, but the diamonds themselves sure are.

St. Petersburg, Russia–based New Diamond Technology has set what is assuredly a new benchmark by growing a 10.02 ct. square emerald-cut diamond with the HPHT (high pressure high temperature) method. The stone was cut from a 32.2 ct. piece of man-made rough that was created in less than 300 hours.

IGI Hong Kong graded the type IIa stone as VS1clarity, E color, with a very good–excellent finish.

This follows IGI Hong Kong issuing reports for a 5 ct. radiant brilliant and 4 ct. cushion brilliant, both grown by NDTC.

A company spokesperson declined to provide a value for the stone.


By Rob Bates, News Director JCK